How to create a Youtube channel and Make Money: A Beginner's Guide

How to create a Youtube channel and Make Money: A Beginner’s Guide

Hell Guys Welcome to this edition Where you will be learning how to create a Youtube channel. Youtube is the most popular and second largest search engine. With 5 billion video views being watched each day. This is one of those marketing channel and for blogger it’s the best way to market their video at zero cost. Every Succesful youtubers grew  in popularity because the created content with other youtuber influencers. When you are starting out creating video with other youtuber influencers can help you grow your subscribers.

This article will cover everything you need to know about creating a youtube channel, you can start uploading your own video and growing your viewers and subscriber.

If you want to do it by yourself, then please continue to follow our step-by-step guide how to create a youtube channel.

With out wasting any more time let’s Start.

How to Make a Youtube channel

1. Create a Google Account

Create a Google Account

  • Visit
  • Create your google account for
  • Type your user name under choose your name.
  • Enter a password for gmail account.
  • Read and the privacy and terms and then Click I Agree To Continue.

Once you are set up with and signed into your google account, it’s time to create a channel back at click your user Icon in the upper  right hand create your youtube account.

You will see a drop down menu then click setting, from there you will taken to your account over view under additional features click create new channel.

Create a new Youtube channel

Create a new Youtube channel

Fast step create your account, Enter your channel name, once you have veryfied your new account you will be taken to the dashboard for your channel it’s time to customizing your new channel.

How to create a Youtube channel and Make Money: A Beginner's Guide

Optimize your channel

You click customize channel you will be taken to you basic channel page where you see cogwheel on the right as show below.

Optimize your channel

Click the cogwheel icon then you see advance setting.

  • Add links and describe details to your channel.
  • upload a profile photo to your channel.
  • Add a banner image your youtube channel.

Add Video Optimize them for Search

Once you start adding video you will want to optimize them for search, which in turn help users discover your video.

Youtube SEO

Your video accurate clear and concise titles though that is  important, below we describe some of the most important things to optimize on your youtube.

  1. Video title
  2. Video description
  3. Video tags
  4. Video Category

Apply Google Adsense

You should aim to get enrolled to youtube partner program with 1000 subscriber and 4,000 watch hour, once this is achieved you will have to connect you youtube channel to google adsense account.





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